As part of the graduate trainee programme, the archives team recently visited the Glasgow Women’s Library for a guided tour around the library and archive stores.20181029_133955

Opened in 1991, the Women’s Library has been located in Bridgeton since 2013 with the aim of collecting items and works by or about women.  The collection reflects on the lives of women of all ages and races throughout time. Alongside magazines and postcards depicting propaganda both for and against woman’s suffrage, the Library holds material relating to domestic violence charities such as Franki Raffles Zero Tolerance campaign for Women’s Aid and also the photo album of a World War Two Ambulance driver.


A selection of some of the material that can be found in the Women’s Library archive

Glasgow Women’s Library is also home to one of the most notable LGBT historical collections in the UK.

We learnt a great deal from our visit and would like to thank Glasgow Women’s Library for their fantastic tour!