Today we are sharing a notice from our collections relating to fund-raising carried out by pupils at Ayr Academy during World War One. Throughout the course of the First World War, the students and staff at Ayr Academy organised different fund-raising activities, along with contributing to war savings and providing comforts and gifts from home for soldiers fighting at the Front. The school also made donations to war charities, and maintained ‘Ayr Academy beds’ in military hospitals.

Ayr Advertiser note

Accession 10/30 – Notice for the Ayr Advertiser

The school also looked to commemorate former pupils and staff who served during the War. From 1914 each issue of the school magazine provided a Roll of Honour for students who had enlisted. A special edition ‘Xmas Souvenir to Former Pupils on War Service’ which was printed in 1917 listed over 500 names of students who served during the First World War.