Irvine Council Minutes (2)

Irvine Town Council Minute Books


Today we are launching our new Irvine Burgh catalogue, allowing researchers to browse the catalogue online for the first time. Release of this updated catalogue coincides with the opening of the new North Ayrshire repository for Ayrshire Archives, based in the recently renovated Townhouse in Irvine. This is one of the largest Burgh collections in the care of Ayrshire Archives and the records date from 1322 to 1975.  The catalogue has been revised to include updated descriptions and has allowed 1832 additional records to be made available to public access for the first time. This collections demonstrates the developments and transformation in Irvine since it was created a Royal Burgh in 1372 by King Robert II.  This includes the transformation of Irvine into a ‘New Town’ in 1966 and the ending of the Burgh as a local government structure in 1975. The collection covers more than 600 years of history from a chartulary relating to 1308 until 1975 when control was given to Cunningham District Council under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and then to North Ayrshire Council when it was created in 1996.



Petition for the establishment of a reading room in Irvine Townhouse. Part of a bundle of petitions to the Provosts, Magistrates and Town Council of Irvine, 1851- 1866 (IB2/1/214)


The Irvine Burgh catalogue contains a range of records that reflect the life, economy  and industry of Irvine. These include Town Council Minutes, Town Clerk’s plans, court proceedings, accounts, poor relief and records of the Harbour Trust, Burgh Colliery, and various trade societites.  Through these we see the official decisions of the Burgh, the impact of industry as well as glimpses into the lives of people living in Irvine.


Ministry of Home Security (circular number 174/1943) regarding release of premises requisitioned or hired for civil defence, 1943 (Gr2/3/26)

The majority of the records for Irvine Burgh are available to view by prior appointment at the North Ayrshire searchroom of Ayrshire Archives, within the Townhouse in Irvine on Thursdays.  The Town Clerk’s plans series is currently available by prior appointment at Ayrshire Archives Headquarters, Auchincruive on Tuesdays.  Please contact us by telephone on 01292 521819 or email at for further advice and to make an appointment.