Today is National Fish and Chips Day, so we thought we would look back on the work of fishermen who play an important role in order to celebrate this event! Therefore we have decided to share an interesting fishing image held at Ayrshire Archives.

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Accession 16/117

This image is from accession 16/117 and shows a fishing boat sailing from Dunure, a well-known fishing village in South Ayrshire. Taken in the spring of 1954, the fishermen pictured are Hugh McCutcheon, Mungo Munro who was the skipper and Robert McCutcheon. The boat they are aboard was fitted with seine-netting gear which allowed them to catch white fish outwith the herring season. The fishing industry in Dunure slowly declined in later years as boats became bigger and the harbour’s limitations became apparent. However this photograph is of a time when Dunure was the ‘plaice’ to be for fishing!