Last month saw the launch of Ayrshire Archives new Kilmarnock Burgh catalogue. For the first time researchers are able to browse the catalogue online. We thought we’d take the time to highlight some of the interesting records discovered by staff cataloguing this collection.

One interesting discovery was within the 1940 – 1941 Town Council minute book (BK1/1/2/37) which discusses the aid raid damage in Kilmarnock on 6 May 1941. According to the minutes a total of fourteen bombs were dropped by enemy aircraft, with one bomb remaining unexploded. During this incident two houses were completely destroyed and two other houses were damaged to such an extent they were unable to be repaired. Unfortunately during this event, some residents lost their lives. This document reveals the real danger that people in Scotland were living in during this time of war.

BK1_1_2_37 pg 201

This extract is only one of the many interesting pieces of history which are recorded within the Kilmarnock Burgh records. 101 additional records have been added to this catalogue and are available for the public to view at the Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock, through an appointment with Ayrshire Archives. Our records for Kilmarnock Burgh range from 1686-1984 and contain a wide variety of records from the Town Council minute books to the acts, bills and bye-laws of the burgh.

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