Hi folks, it’s Glennie here!

Today at Ayrshire Archives I am embracing spring and delivering lots of Easter treats with my new friends!

Glennie and his chicks

The arrival of spring is significant in different ways to people. For some it marks the end of winter and the beginning of new life for animals. More generally I think spring brings a sense of renewal with it. I have discovered that this can be in a variety of formats after coming across accession 08/58 at Ayrshire Archives. Apparently in the 19th century spring also marked a time for updating your wardrobe! The following images are from a spring and summer fashion catalogue. It was produced by the Johnston Brothers c 1865, a cash drapery warehouse originally on Ayr High Street.


Accession 08/58

“Everything favours fashion in the spring… nature herself is alluring us with her example to put on fresh feathers and go forth to conquer,” perhaps I could be convinced to try some new styles…


Accession 08/58


Accession 08/58

Although these were spring and summer designs, they don’t appear to be as bright and lightweight as the clothes we tend to wear today. Perhaps the weather was as unpredictable then as it is now!


Accession 08/52

I particularly like the bonnets as the floral detail suits the time of year very well. Perhaps this will inspire some Easter bonnet making this weekend?


Accession 08/58


Accession 08/58

Although I think I might stick to my own hat – it is a lot easier to wear!