Courtesy of the Scottish Council on Archives  http://www.scottisharchives.org.uk/

Staff from Ayrshire Archives recently attended a training workshop ‘Towards a Shared Collecting Policy’ organised by the Scottish Council on Archives. Held at the Mitchell Library, it involved a series of enlightening talks by speakers from various organisations including the National Register of Archives for Scotland, the National Archives, and the National Records of Scotland. This provided a good insight into the history and theory of collecting records and how it has evolved on a local and national level. The ways in which this has been affected by historic events such as war and industrial decline was highlighted too. As a result we discussed how collections are multi-layered and relate to a variety of themes interconnecting them with other archives.

Another feature of the day involved archivists sharing their experiences in relation to particular challenges they have faced within the context of repositories. Models for collections mapping was discussed and the archivist of the Hebridean Archives provided an interesting account into the challenges and rewards of devising a collecting policy. Additionally, the Moving Image and Sound Collections Manager of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive discussed specialist collecting as the only archive service in Scotland to conserve and preserve films. This part of the workshop highlighted various contributing factors of what makes a repository unique and different methods of how collecting policy could be approached in archives.

The day proved to be extremely valuable in relation to the information and experiences shared. We would like to thank the Scottish Council on Archives for organizing the event!