Hello, it’s Glennie L. Amp!

This week while browsing the Ayrshire Archives website, I noticed that some online catalogues had been added very recently. Some of the records peaked my interest so I booked an appointment to come and view them in the searchroom. As it is Valentines day I requested images of Ayrshire from the J. Valentine image collection and some postcards produced by Valentines and Hendersons – quite fitting! On arrival I was asked to complete a registration form. I also had a read of their searchroom regulations – I was on my best behaviour this time! There is no food or drink of any kind allowed so I put my fizzy juice in my bag and placed it in the lockers provided. There are book rests available to use so researchers don’t lean or make any marks on the volumes, and we need to be careful we don’t disturb the arrangement of any loose documents. It was pencil only if I want to take any notes, so I got sharpening!

Once settled in I had a look at the images I had requested. I was particularly interested in viewing older photographs of Ayr and they transported me back to a day trip I took there once many years ago…


Print showing Burns’ Statue, Ayr.
38059 J Valentine. AA/DC/146/1/5

It was a hot summers day when I arrived at Ayr train station with the intention of going to the beach, I gave a nod to Robert on my way past Burns Statue Square!


Print showing High Street and Wallace Tower, Ayr.
37242 J Valentine. AA/DC/146/1/10

I was able to admire Wallace Tower as I walked down Ayr High Street….


Print showing Burns’ Monument, Ayr.
38062 J Valentine. AA/DC/146/1

Then I walked through Wellington Square gardens to get closer to the beach…


View of the sands, Ayr addressed to Miss J
McDowall from Grace. AA/DC/303/4

But the beach was far too busy for a small lamp like me! Nearby I spotted something moving into the pier…


Print showing Ayr Pier. 24564 J Valentine. AA/DC/146/1/11

A boat going to Arran! It didn’t take much to convince me to hop on…

AA_DC_208_3 Lamlash JPEG

Postcard showing Lamlash, East End from Sands.
Valentine’s “Bromotype” Series. AA/DC/203/3

I arrived at the beach in Lamlash, Arran. Nice and peaceful just how I like it – the archives held a lovely postcard which I think represents my memories of my day out and Valentines Day very well!

AA_DC_208_1 At Lamlash JPEG

Postcard of Lamlash, Arran “Mixed Bathing” By The
Seaside. Raphael Tuck & Sons “Oilette” “By The
Seaside.” AA/DC/208/1