Today for our mini exhibition we have chosen to display the marriage contract of Abe Shockley, one of Cromwell’s soldiers and Margaret Campbell who got married in 1657. This details the financial agreement between the two families which occurred before the marriage.

Please see below for some of our other collections which offer insight into marriage and love throughout the ages.


ATD59a/63.  The above is a pre-nuptial contract of marriage between Susanna Kennedy, daughter and heir of Alexander Kennedy, and Robert Mure of Cloncaird which was signed in Ayr on 18 November 1604. Marriage contracts were important for heiresses as their inheritance transferred to their husband on marriage


ATD144/1/2. This is an extract of the register of marriages of the Parish of Kilmarnock. This page details some of those that took place in 1862 – 63. The registration of marriages was introduced in Scotland in 1855, nearly 20 years after they were introduced in England and Wales


ATD28/3/31. The above is a marriage certificate between William Fairlie and Florence Osborne who married on 1 July 1879. Marriage certificates were introduced in Scotland in 1855,  nearly twenty years after they were introduced in England and Wales.



AA/DC/197/5. Golden Wedding Flyer of Mr and Mrs Pollock. These flyers were very popular when celebrating milestones like fifty years of marriage




The above is an extract from Ayr Burgh Minutes on 4 December 1963. It details the finding of the Finance Committee regarding married women. How times have changed!