As part of my role as graduate trainee at Ayrshire Archives I have been given the opportunity to experience other archives as well as attending courses and conferences. Last Tuesday the assistant archivist and I went to Edinburgh to attend a workshop on writing a disaster plan at the National Records of Scotland


This workshop was run by the Scottish Council of Archives to enable archivists to be fully prepared if a disaster should happen. As the graduate trainee, this provided valuable insight into how an archive building is managed as well as the preparation that is necessary to ensure that valuable records are protected as much as possible. It emphasised the different roles people played if anything were to happen – including the importance of a cup of tea! We were also able to get a brief look at the inside of the NRS building when we were guided to the conference room, we passed through the legal library which was truly impressive.


After the workshop was over we were able to go to the National Library of Scotland in order to view the exhibition, ‘A journey through maps.’ The exhibition contained a range of maps from the modern day to those where Scotland was barely recognisable from what we understand today. This was extremely interesting as we hold a significant collection of  maps and plans at Ayrshire Archives.